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Mary Sottile – May 03, 2022

Love this office
As always a wonderful experience. Dr Bose and her staff are the best

Tina Woods – Mar 24, 2022

Dr.Bose is the most concerned and caring Dr I've visited she took time to listen to my concerns and we both agreed that we would find a regiment that would work for me. I appreciate her patience in listening to me. She a great Dr and a great person so glad I'm able to be a patient.

Darryl Moore – Mar 07, 2022

My favorite doctor

BettyeS@TC – Mar 03, 2022

Best Physician Ever
Dr. Bose is an amazing person and this is what helps make her the BEST physician I have ever seen…I have seen many. Her bedside manner, her knowledge and her care for her patients is like no other. No matter how you feel when you walk into her office, you will leave feeling better. She smiles and treats you with respect and listens to your every word. I wish every physician on this planet were more like her!

Ruth R. – Mar 01, 2022

Dr. Bose is without a doubt one of the most caring and compassionate Doctors that has ever treated me! She is a good listener and explains what is going on at the present time and what to expect in the future with your condition.

Deborah – Mar 01, 2022

Dr. Bose is very patient, knowledgeable, and thorough. She takes her time and listens to my issues and explains all results in a way I understand. I would highly recommend her to a friend or family.

Clarence – Mar 01, 2022

Professional and caring. Never feel rushed. Best R/A doctor I’ve had since my diagnosis 20+ years ago.

Roxanne Dacy – Mar 01, 2022

I feel like I’m in good hands— finally!
Dr Bose is very supportive, along with a well-trained staff. I feel like I am being heard when I need help

Kim Rushing – Mar 01, 2022

Dr. Bose is an exceptional physician. She is caring, compassionate, and concerned. She is a great listener and makes the patient feel a part of the treatment plan.

Phyllis Eaddy – Feb 24, 2022

Dr. Bose is the greatest physician ever! Absolutely Top-Notch!! Her bedside manner is friendly and caring, and she does all she can to give you the best care. One of the best doctors I have ever had! Thank you Dr. Bose!!

Nicole V. – Feb 24, 2022

I am so incredibly thankful that I found Dr. Bose last year. I was in a complete flare up and had no idea what was happening. I couldn’t walk and was using crutches to move around in my own house. She listened to my story and was able to come up with my AS diagnosis. In just a few months I was feeling like myself again and walking around pain free. I’m so happy with Dr. Bose and highly recommend her to anyone suffering from AS.

M. Lyles – Feb 11, 2022

My first encounter with Dr Bose was actually outside of the office. You see I was at work during a ra flare and I didn't know she was a doctor let alone an awesome rheumatologist! She introduced herself and showed such concern and compassion I immediately scheduled an appointment with her. Dr Bose is very knowledgeable and understanding. Its always a pleasure speaking to her at every appointment. She has produced a successful medical plan for my moderate r a and offers holistic advice as well. Would definitely recommend her!

Velma Balch – Feb 11, 2022

Highly recommend! Dr. Bose is amazing. She truly cares about me and is very thorough. I have never been rushed through a visit and I always leave with a full understanding of my condition and what I need to do next. She is very knowledgeable in her field as well as general fields (I sometimes have questions unrelated to Rheumatology). Thanks, Doc!

Ligaya Jimenez – Jan 29, 2022

Dr Bose is very professional, listens well and thorough with her care. She is easy to talk to and She makes me comfortable. I recommend her for my relatives or friends.

Andreica Bennett – Feb 04, 2022

DR Bose Awesome Lady

Every Time I have seen & spoken with her she has answered all my needs and questions best rheumatologist i have had so far Ms. Bose is a awesome lady she Rocks hands down & your time she really cares about her patients she makes you feel comfortable. Thanks for Everything.

Norma Crosby – Oct 08, 2021

Dr. Bose is a kind and thorough doctor who takes the time to get to know her patients. Never in a hurry and always listens. Great doc.

C. Stiles – Sep 02, 2021

Came in for consultation over test results. Dr. Bose spent as much time with me as needed for me to fully understand and answer all of my questions. Evelyn checked me in and was very helpful and friendly. Also, I was early for my appointment and they got me right in with almost no wait. Overall A+.

Gerald Ford – Aug 20, 2021

Fantastic she is way better than any of my former and past doctors. She treats me with concern and patience. I feel im not wasting my time or money. Hay she is the best i ever had. And I'm 64 been seen by many. More doctors should try to be like her assistance .I will recommend her to any person.

Gwen Malveaux – Aug 19, 2021

Dr. N. Bose take the time to listen to me. She treats me like I am her friend not just a patient. She is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and professional all at the same time.

Marcia Krieger – Jul 26, 2021

Dr. Bose is a very knowledgeable, caring doctor. I trust her and highly recommend her. She is interested in the whole picture of life for her patients. This gives her insight into her patient’s well being and needs.

Mary Jo Whobrey – Jul 14, 2021

Dr Bose is very personable and quick to respond to your concerns. She routinely communicates with my insurance company to make sure they cover my medications that are needed. She responds quickly and calls me herself when I email her with concerns.

Carla – Apr 27, 2021

I Love going to Dr. Bose she is very consistent. Dr. Bose make sure to monitor any issues and always taking test and blood work. To make sure you are ok and if anything is wrong. Keep up the good work Dr. Bose

Susan Knight – Apr 19, 2021

Dr. Bose has been treating my husband's RA since March 2018. She has been very thorough testing and treating him, and he is doing so much better. We have been able to talk to Dr. Bose in person, by telephone, televisit, emails, and the patient portal. She is very accessible and knowledgeable when we have had questions, and she explains everything until we understand. I just love her!

Ragan Graves – Mar 26, 2021

Dr Bose is very friendly, personable and caring. She is knowledgeable and very well versed in my long extensive case of Lupus. Dr. Bose is wholistic in her care. She not only prescribed the medication typically utilised in my care, but she offers other natural treatments to decrease my discomfort... like the natural anti inflammatory turmeric and organic apple cider vinegar, and exercise aids. Because Lupus is exacerbated by stress she always checks on my mental well being. It is very kind of her. Her Medical Assistant Evelyn is a treat! Always professional, quick to get back to me and knowledgeable in her reporting back to me. I recommend them to anyone who wants to finally find the Dr Duo we all deserve!!!

Carmen Sottile – Mar 12, 2021

I had my first visit with Dr Bose today. I would rank it as one of the best Dr visits I’ve ever had. Starting with the two young ladies at the front desk, I felt very welcome to the office. They were very pleasant to deal with and handled themselves very efficiently. The Dr’s assistant also was very pleasant and treated me with respect, not to mention she was very prompt. Dr Bose took more time with me than most Dr’s afford to their patients. She was very compassionate and explained, in detail, the diagnosis along with step by step details of how we were going to treat the problem. I left with a thorough plan of dealing with my problem. The entire office gave the feeling of family and that they genuinely cared about me.

V. Brown – Feb 11, 2021

My experience as a patient of Dr. Bose's has been superb and of A plus status. From my first initial visit in 2018, I felt comfortable and was so impressed that Dr. Bose was very concerned about my health. Her professionalism and medical care is impeccable. She goes over and beyond to meet the needs and keep a close doctor to patient relationship. She constantly checks on her patients and demonstrates a passion for their health. During this COVID pandemic and various alterations to public visits, Dr. Bose still stayed connected with her patients. Dr. Bose has a very caring staff and she exhibits a pleasant work environment where anyone would love to work. Her professionalism radiates amongst her staff. Her entire office is such a pleasant place to go which ensures me that I am in the best of care. I am truly grateful for the care I receive from such a delightful doctor as Dr. Bose. I highly recommend Dr. Bose to all my family and friends and can assure that they would be pleased.

Courtney Gieseke – Feb 10, 2021

Dr Bose is the best! She is by far my favorite doctor of all time. She really listens to the whole picture and tries to help. She doesn't just refer you to someone else. She tries to understand what you're really looking for as a patient and respects what you have to say. But, she always lets you know what your other options are with no pressure so that you are always in charge of how you're managing your condition. She is always pleasant, has a warm smile and you can tell she genuinely cares.

Chris G – Feb 04, 2021

Dr. Bose is outstanding and has helped me so much with my PMR! From initial diagnosis to maintaining control! She is a blessing and truly cares about her patients! I highly recommend her!

Rachel – Nov 17, 2017

Dr. Bose is an amazing doctor and kindhearted person. She spent 1.5 hours w/ me on my 1st appointment which is unheard of. I went from being an extremely healthy 32 yr old, to all of a sudden very sick and no doctor before her could figure it out. Because of Dr. Bose's due diligence, she found a mass on my chest x-ray which turned out to be cancer. If it wasn't for Dr. Bose actually taking the time to listen and care, I might not be here today. I am forever grateful. She even still checks on me!